What We Bring to the “Relationship”

As a condominium management company, we administer the Condominium Corporation on behalf of the Board and in accordance with the Alberta Condominium Act and Amendments.

Adhering to the Corporation’s budget and By-laws and the Board’s policies we:

  • Obtain quotes and outsource work related to the maintenance of all common areas.
  • Serve as a Board advisor.
  • Assist with Board meetings and the Annual General Meeting.
  • Act as a liaison between the Board and individual owners.
  • Prepare legal and financial documents.
  • Maintain accounting records and provide monthly financial reports.
  • Collect and deposit condo fees into the Condominium Corporation’s bank account.
  • Hire contractors.
  • Negotiate comprehensive Corporation insurance.
  • Pay all bills.
  • Respond to emergency and after-hours calls.

We do this and much more, all of which is spelled out in a detailed job description that forms part of our management contract with the Board.

You’ll have a team – a condominium consultant and a member of the bookkeeping team – dedicated to your Condo Corporation to ensure continuity. And of course, they have the support of the rest of our team whenever they need assistance.

We work hard every day to earn the Board’s trust and establish a professional bond – that “special connection” – so that we can have frank, productive discussions about the Corporation’s issues and recommended solutions and be able to provide our best advice.

quote-greenUltimately, our role is to empower your Board to make informed decisions that are right for all your owners.

We Enter into Relationships “Fully Committed”

We don’t believe in half measures. We enter our relationships fully committed for the long-term. That’s why we offer a Comprehensive Service at an affordable price. There are so many aspects to what’s involved in condominium management.

We found the best value and most cost-effective service for Boards is a Comprehensive Service package. You don’t have to worry about what’s not covered and the growing tally of à la carte fees every time you turn around for all the add-ons others charge.

We never want to hold ourselves back from doing what needs to be done in our clients’ best interests.