We’re Not Just Another Pretty Face … We’ve Got Real Substance

We don’t take ourselves too seriously but we’re very serious about our relationships and commitments. With many long-term Board relationships averaging 10-years-plus and most new clients coming from referrals, it seems our clients and service providers would agree.


What You Can Consistently Count On

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Credentialed Condominium Professionals

We value education and training and require all our condominium consultants to have their ARM® industry designation. And we walk the talk.

  • We are unique in covering $2,000 in tuition fees for each of our consultants earning their ARM®.
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Exceptional Value

We pack a big punch of value-added services as part of our Comprehensive Service package while others charge additional à la carte fees. These services include:

  • Developing the Corporation’s proposed annual budget.
  • Assisting with By-law revisions, the Corporation’s Welcome Booklet and the Board Policy Book.
  • Providing guidance with Reserve Fund Studies and attending related special meetings (in addition to Board meetings).
  • Holding educational seminars for Boards on topical condominium issues.
  • Making our modern boardroom available to clients for their Board meetings.
  • Negotiating special deals like the Rona Pro Ad card which entitles Board members to a 10% discount on all non-base renovation materials.
  • ACMS boardroom
  • And much more.

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Balanced Consultants’ Portfolios

We limit our individual condominium consultants’ portfolios to a maximum of 12 clients to ensure we’re able to give your Board the attention and service you deserve.


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Hands-On Accessible Leadership Team

We have an open-door policy with our team and encourage open communications with our clients and service providers.

  • Crystal her management team have their fingers on the pulse of day-to-day operations.
  • They’re always available by phone, email or in person, whether you have a service concern, are seeking advice on a Board governance issue or the Condominium Act or you just want to tell them we’re doing a great job.


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Accountability and Transparency

As part of our management contract, we detail the services covered and charges not covered by our management fee. We’re upfront and open and, like you, don’t like unpleasant surprises. To that end:

  • The Board receives timely monthly accounting records in accordance with GAAP (generally accepted accounting procedures).
  • Our financial records are accepted by professional auditors for their clarity and accuracy.
  • We do not mark-up payable invoices, fuel for site visits or electronic fund transfers as others do. 
  • We only hire independent contractors to avoid any conflicts of interest.


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Comprehensive Insurance Protection

We have negotiated a comprehensive insurance package for your Corporation, at no extra charge, that goes above and beyond the minimal coverage required by the Condominium Act and offered by others. It includes coverage for such items as:

This covers the Condominium Corporation’s liquid assets including the reserve fund against criminal acts by employees, Board members or others.
With inflation, appraisal valuations are increasing annually. Professional reconstruction cost appraisals provide the insurer with a value to insure your structure. Without the appraisal, the Board is taking a risk at being either over insured (and needlessly paying a higher premium) or under insured, in which case the Board could end up co-paying a claim because the structure was not insured to 100% of its value (as determined by the appraisal).
Board members generously volunteer their time and energy to ensure the affairs of the Corporation run smoothly. By doing so, however, they expose themselves to the personal risk of having lawsuits filed against them even while they have the best interests of the Corporation at heart. D&O liability insurance protects past, present and future Board members regardless of whether a claim is frivolous or without merit.
This includes coverage for legal defence costs facing the Corporation due to a variety of claims such as a privacy breach, condominium deductible recoveries from unit owners, health and safety regulations and contractual disputes. A 24/7 telephone legal advice line is available for the Corporation for general legal questions.