Our Condo Board has been with ACMS for some 20 years. My direct personal experience has been an impressive 10 years since joining the Board. During my years on the Board at my previous condo complex, we went through 5 condo management companies over 16 years with many challenges including 2 cases of fraud with 2 different companies.

Over the years Crystal’s leadership has instilled the highest standards, professionalism and a true commitment to customer service including accreditation of her consultants that is rare to see among condo management companies. Crystal and her team are always available to share their expertise and provide thoughtful guidance on complex issues or to address any concerns that might arise. They really care and are all about what’s in our owners’ best interest.

I have happily recommended ACMS to friends serving on Condo Boards.

– Board Member, Kingsland Court Condominium

We like to work with organizations that have the same value structure as we do. ACMS is “Client First”, knowledgeable in all facets of property management including both commercial and residential, ethical and trustworthy. All of this equates to their core value of putting the client first.

I have worked with Crystal Deley for over 20 years. Crystal is extremely passionate in everything she does, both personally and professionally. She has a wealth of knowledge in Condominium and is a true leader in her office. Crystal is very involved in the condominium community. Whether it is chairing or contributing to a Board or Association or spearheading improvements to the Act or licensing, you will always find this seasoned professional at the forefront.

Crystal is consistently looking for ways to better her business, to create a positive work environment for her staff and provide the best services for her clients.

– Sherry Bignell, CIP, CAIB – Vice President, Client Executive, Real Estate Division

I have been a service provider to Accredited Condominium Management Services (ACMS) for over 20 years. They have knowledgeable property managers and staff that are reliable, professional and courteous. However, what sets the company apart is their passion and dedication to the Condominium industry as a whole.

ACMS has been at the forefront of numerous industry initiatives since their inception, including the creation of Association of Condominium Managers of Alberta(ACMA), the creation of the ACMA/CCI/REIC condominium conference, and legislative reform. To me, their leadership in the condominium area evidences their commitment to their work and sets them above other condominium management companies.

– John McDougall – Partner, Scott Venturo Barristers & Solicitors