Condominium soundproofing has greatly improved over the last 20 years. Despite that, noise is still the second most important cause of discord between owners.

Having to deal with noisy neighbors is a simple fact of life, especially if you occupy a condominium unit and live in a major city. Living in a condo often means that you will have to learn to deal with your music teacher neighbor practicing into the evening or the family next door bringing home an infant who has not yet learned to sleep through the night. 

When people are living in close proximity, such as a condominium, the key factors to avoid discord with neighbours are compromise, consideration and tolerance. Please show consideration to your neighbours by limiting noise disturbance and be responsible by following the Condominium Corporation Bylaws and the City of Calgary Noise Bylaws regarding noise.

When Should You File a Noise Complaint?

Noisy neighbors are a common occurrence in a condominium corporation. It is the number one reason that Bylaw Infraction Letters are issued. Please remember that in a multi-family complex noise can travel and amplify through the heating, plumbing and venting pipes and conduits that comprise the building structure itself.

Sound can travel differently depending on not only the construction materials used, but also the building design itself. Also, with warmer weather open windows can cause noise to travel much further than when the windows are closed.

Unfortunately, some residents make it impossible for other residents to comfortably inhabit their own units. A noise complaint will quickly follow. 

What is a Noise Complaint?

Residents typically take noise complaints to landlords or property management before law enforcement. It depends on the situation and whether any previous complaints have been lodged. The City of Calgary has Noise Bylaws for all residential neighbourhoods. The link is included below:

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