Parkade Repair: The Surprise Special Assessment

Every part of your condo requires regular repairs and maintenance, things like paint and shingles. Parkades need the same but are subjected to harsher conditions because vehicles bring the road and the weather in with them. This makes the surface in parkades susceptible to two types of damage, physical and chemical. You might wonder why you should care about your

Insurance Coverage: What Is Covered by an Owner’s vs the Condo Corporation’s Policy

What Is Covered by the Condominium Corporation Policy As a condominium Unit Owner, you are a part owner of a Condominium Corporation. The insurance obtained by the Condominium Corporation is regulated by the Alberta Condominium Property Act and Regulations, and the By-Laws of the Corporation. The standard Condominium Corporation is required to cover all of the insurable property of

Insurance Coverages for Condo Owners

Two different insurance coverages that are available for condo unit owner insurance policies.

Sewer Backups: Causes and Prevention

The following are common causes of sewer backups and tips on preventing it.

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