General Condo Info


Condo Basics for Residential and Commercial Owners

Condominium Ownership: What It Means for You

Roles of the Condo Management Company and the Condo Board

Learn more about the roles and responsibilities of your Condo Management Company and Board of Directors.

Risk and Exposure for Condominiums

The Board at your Condominium Corporation will always have in mind the situations which may be a risk or cause exposure to the Corporation and thereby to all Owners. Common risk and exposure situations include:

Condominium Terminology

The following covers some common Condominium related terminology that is helpful to be aware of as a condo owner.

How Condo Contributions Are Established

Sometimes owners aren’t sure exactly how Condominium contributions (also referred to as condo fees) are established and where they go.  Often there is a negative perception toward the Board for assessing contributions.

Updating Your Condo Corporation’s By-Laws

This article covers the benefits of updating your Condominium Corporation’s By-laws and the step-by-step process of making changes.

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