Every part of your condo requires regular repairs and maintenance, things like paint and shingles. Parkades need the same but are subjected to harsher conditions because vehicles bring the road and the weather in with them. This makes the surface in parkades susceptible to two types of damage, physical and chemical. You might wonder why you should care about your parkade floor. The main reason is that there is steel reinforcement placed in concrete to support the load of the floor and if it leaks or cracks, the steel will begin to rust or corrode, weakening the structure. To prevent leaks and damage, most parkades have a protective waterproof membrane applied to the top of the concrete.

Waterproof membrane must be maintained by removing debris and washing regularly to prevent both physical and chemical damage. Gravel brought in over the winter months is driven on hundreds of times, and over time it will compromise the membrane allowing the water and chemicals to seep under. When water, mixed with road salt or hydrocarbons, seep under the membrane, it begins to separate from the concrete while damaging the concrete. The risk of this physical and chemical damage is greatly reduced the more regularly you have your parkade swept and washed.

Cost of Cleaning vs Repair

Sweeping and Scrubbing (approx.) = $1.50 per square meter
Repairing membrane (approx.) = $100.00 per square meter
Repairing concrete (approx.) = $1,500.00 per square meter

Most people know that they need new shingles, or that paint only lasts so long. You are used to having your windows cleaned and your landscaping done, often people don’t realize that parkade cleaning is more than just cosmetic like those two. These are strong reasons to maintain the integrity of your parkade.  Don’t let the membrane and concrete repair be your surprise special assessment.

– Article by Corey Allard, General Manager, Komodo Services Ltd.


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